Custom Sequencing


Custom sequencing allows you to configure your house/venue with any layout and add any songs to your holiday line up. A Luminous Harmony custom show will be 100% tailored to your specific layout, making your show one of a kind. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, or if you don't know any more than that you want lights programmed to music, let our years of experience take the reins and create a custom show that is truly unique.

Due to high demand for the Christmas season, we highly recommend you contact us for custom sequencing before the end of August if all of your required templates are completed, or earlier if they are not. Clients are accepted first come-first serve basis. However, please feel free to contact us at any time to be placed on a waiting list in the event that custom sequencing space becomes available later in the season.

Our AC channel pricing for Residential and "one view" Commercial/Business venues is listed below. Please contact us for a quote regarding drive thru displays, layouts with mutltiple viewing areas, or displays with RGB.

Residential Pricing

Custom Regular (AC) Channel Pricing

Our prices are calculated based on the number of channels in your display, the seconds of audio being programmed, and when the order is placed relative to the delivery date.

Number of Channels Price/Second (121+ Days) Price/Second (31-120 Days) Price/Second (10-30 Days)
1-32 $2.00 $2.30 $2.80
33-64 $2.30 $2.60 $3.10
65-96 $2.60 $2.90 $3.40
97-128 $2.90 $3.20 $3.70
129-160 $3.20 $3.50 $4.00
161-192 $3.50 $3.80 $4.30
192+ Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing

Prices for singing faces vary based on complexity of the song; please contact us for a specific quote. Additional fees may apply for a show ordered less than 10 days from the requested delivery date (if sequencing space is still available)

Custom Smart RGB (Pixel) Pricing

If you have RGB elements in your display, no problem! We can add them into a sequence that already has regular AC channels, or create a show of entirely RGB. Our RGB pricing varies depending on how your lights are organized (in props or as stand alone elements), if your display is solely RGB or also has AC lights, and what type of RGB style programming you've requested. Discounted rates for orders placed earlier in the season are offered in a similar fashion to programming for regular channels; we will provide all three rates when you contact us for a quote. Additional fees may apply for a show ordered less than 10 days from the requested delivery date (if sequencing space is still available).

Example Custom Sequencing Pricing

In this example, your song is two minutes long. This would be 120 seconds of audio. Your display contains 32 regular channels. (This is equal to two Light-O-Rama Pro/Residential controllers.) You have also reached out to us for a quote regarding your RGB Mega Tree, which has been assessed at $1.40 per second for programming. You ordered your show on July 20 and requested that your show be delivered by November 20 (in time for a Thanksgiving premiere).

32 Regular Channels $2.00 x 120 seconds $240.00
Smart RGB Pixels $1.40 x 120 seconds $168.00
Total $408.00

Quality Assurance

At Luminous Harmony, we believe in the motto “you get what you pay for.” Backed by 17 years of music experience, we take the time to program all of our Custom and Create Your Own Harmony sequences to the actual rhythms of each instrument and vocal line rather than delivering a show composed of simple repeated chase and flickering on/off commands. Due to the time and effort we put into each of our sequences, we encourage you to contact us well before your premiere date in order to secure a spot with us for the season (and to recieve the best discounts)! An example of the high quality code in each Luminous Harmony sequence is shown below.

Sample section of Luminous Harmony code.

Set Up Requirements

In order to create Light-O-Rama sequences, your virtual layout needs to be created within the software before programming can begin. If your display contains solely non-RGB lights and you are using LOR Showtime Designer Classic (S4), we need a channel configuration file for the Sequence Editor and a visualization for the LOR Visualizer. If your display contains any smart RGB devices, a preview will need to be created in the LOR Showtime Designer Pixels (S5) Sequencer that contains both your RGB and non-RGB lights.

We highly recommend that you complete all of the required templates yourself in order to ensure everything is in the correct location and that RGB devices are configured in the correct direction. If it is necessary for Luminous Harmony to complete the set up process and create the Channel Configuration, Visualization, or S5 Sequencer Preview, the following documents are required:

  • A spreadsheet with channel assignments and light colors (template will be provided)
  • A drawing of the display layout with clear references to the spreadsheet file
  • Digital pictures of any non standard fixtures or devices
  • Written indication of any programming restrictions for devices (example - strobe lights can only be turned on or off, no fades)

If Luminous Harmony creates the templates, a one-time $10 fee for the Sequence Editor channel configuration and $25 for the Visualizer template will be charged for every increment of 16 regular channels in LOR S4. If you are using LOR S5, a one-time $35 fee will be charged for the Sequencer preview creation of every increment of 16 regular channels or 800 RGB pixels. The incremental cost is the same for additions to displays that already have Luminous Harmony templates from prior years.

How to Order

Ready to start a conversation? Send an email to with as much of the information below as you can so we can assess the complexity of your project, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you don’t know anything except that you a synchronized show, no problem! We’re happy to help.

  • Number of standard and RGB channels
  • If you have the required templates completed or need them created
  • What songs you want programmed
  • When you want the shows delivered by

Expanding Your Display

Luminous Harmony can add new additions to your show in future years at a fraction of the original programming cost. Please note that additions will only be made to sequences originally programmed by Luminous Harmony; additions to shows where you want to keep any original programming from an alternate company will be charged at the regular price for the channels being sequenced. Please contact us for a quote.

Terms of Service

As a custom sequencing client, you will be asked to sign a document with terms and conditions specific to your display before programming begins. You can review our minimum terms of service requirements here. Luminous Harmony is a creative company and does not provide technical support for hardware or network configuration.

Prices per second of programming are subject to change without notice. Quotes will be honored for 30 days after they are given if no layout changes are made. Clients that have already signed a contract at a specific rate will not be subject to any price increases for shows they have already purchased.

Payment for custom sequencing is accepted via check or PayPal. For transactions made through PayPal, an additional 3% will be added on to the total price. Payments made via check will not incur an additional cost, but sequencing will not begin and sequences will not be delivered until the deposit and final payment checks, respectfully, have cleared.

Contact US

Please email us with any questions by filling out our general form or reaching out directly via one of the email addresses below. Stay up to date on Luminous Harmony news and services by signing up for our mailing list or liking our page on Facebook.