Create Your Own Harmony Sequencing


The “Create Your Own Harmony” series is a middle ground between a Canned sequence and a Custom show. This unique sequence series gives you the musical synchronization quality of a Luminous Harmony custom show without the constraints of a typical canned sequence layout or the time requirements of going custom. The concept allows you to choose from different configurations for each set of 16 channels (up to 64) based on what works best for your layout to “Create Your Own ” show. For example, a 64 channel C.Y.O.H. sequence actually has 312 versions due to all of the different possible combinations of configurations. This sequence series will eliminate the need for you to spend time trying to adapt a sequence to your layout after purchase, and allow you to simply load the sequence onto your computer, sit back, and enjoy your show.

Custom Sequencing is the still the best option to ensure programming fits exactly with your design, but the “Create Your Own Harmony” series is a great choice for anyone looking to quickly acquire multiple sequences with a layout that fits within the configuration parameters, especially if it's close to the date of your premiere.


Luminous Harmony offers a total of five different configurations for C.Y.O.H. sequences:

Configuration 1: “Four sets of four”

Configuration 2: “One set of sixteen”

Configuration 3: “Four colors on four fixtures”

Configuration 4: “One set of twelve; one set of four”

Configuration 5: “Two sets of eight”

The diagram below shows different options for each of our configurations. The pictures show examples of common arrangements, but feel free to creatively make the options work with your layout while following the concept of each configuration. However, please be aware that haphazardly grouping fixtures together that don’t truly match one of the configurations will result in a lower quality sequence. You can view and download a larger version of the examples here.

CYOH Configuration Diagram.

For each set of 16 channels that are in your display, you will choose the configuration that works best with your layout. After you place your order, we'll create a copy of our master template for each sequence and configure it to match the controllers and channel assignments in your display.

CYOH Configuration Diagram.

More channels in your display means more musical elements can be brought out through the lights. For example, a 16 channel display might only be able to bring out the main melody of a song and occasional percussion without looking chaotic. As you expand in number of channels, the background vocal/instrumental/percussion lines can be brought out through those additional groups of fixtures in a more organized and artistic way.

Our unique format also allows you to also arrange your "Create Your Own Harmony" layout based on what fixtures you want to have bring out which musical lines (Main Melody, Percussion/Beats, and Harmonies/Background Vocals). A table showing the main assignments of each of the musical lines for the four different channel compatabilites is shown below. For example, "channels 17-32" do not actually need to be on Controller 2. If you feel your Controller 3 or 4 would be better suited to bring out the percussion line, no problem! We preconfigure the channel configuration for all C.Y.O.H. sequences before delivery and can help you organize your channels to best suit your display!

16 Channel Display 32 Channel Display 48 Channel Display 64 Channel Display
First set of 16 Main Melody & Percussion Main Melody & Harmonies Main Melody Main Melody
Second set of 16 Percussion/Beats & Harmonies Percussion/Beats Percussion/Beats
Third set of 16 Harmonies Harmonies & Main Melody
Fourth set of 16 Harmonies & Percussion/Beats

Sequence Library

Available sequences and channel compatibilities are listed in the table below. Sequences are not directly downloadable from this page; please refer to the "How To Order" section to make your purchase.

Holiday Title Artist Channels Length Audio
Any Gangnam Style Psy 16, 32, 48, 64 3:39 Buy Music
Any The Greatest Show Hugh Jackman, Keala Settle, Zac Efron, Zendaya & The Greatest Showman Ensemble 16, 32, 48, 64 5:02 Buy Music
Any Party Rock Anthem LMFAO {feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock} 16, 32, 48, 64 4:22 Buy Music
Any Star Wars Medley Peter Hollens {feat. Lindsey Stirling} 16, 32, 48, 64 4:23 Buy Music
Christmas A Mad Russian's Christmas Trans Siberian Orchestra 16, 32, 48, 64 4:42 Buy Music
Christmas Amazing Grace (2008 Party Version) Yule 16, 32, 48, 64 3:42 Buy Music
Christmas Carol of the Bells Pentatonix 16, 32, 48, 64 3:13 Buy Music
Christmas Christmas/ Sarajevo 12/24 Trans Siberian Orchestra 16, 32, 48, 64 3:25 Buy Music
Christmas The Christmas Can-Can Straight No Chaser 16, 32, 48, 64 2:41 Buy Music
Christmas Dreams of Fireflies Trans Siberian Orchestra 16, 32, 48, 64 2:30 Buy Music
Christmas Let It Go Idina Menzel {From "Frozen"/Soundtrack Version} 16, 32, 48, 64 3:43 Buy Music
Christmas Light of Christmas Owl City {feat. Toby Mac} 16, 32, 48, 64 3:44 Buy Music
Christmas Nutrocker Trans Siberian Orchestra 16, 32, 48, 64 4:06 Buy Music
Christmas Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee 16, 32, 48, 64 2:06 Buy Music
Christmas Siberian Sleigh Ride Trans Siberian Orchestra 16, 32, 48, 64 3:08 Buy Music

Music is not provided with the sequences due to copyright laws and must be purchased separately. We recommend purchasing the mp3 files from the listed audio links in order to guarantee that the music will line up with the sequence; music from other providers may have varying seconds of silence prior to the song’s start, meaning the music may not match up with our programming if you use those files. All Create Your Own Harmony sequences are delivered in protected format to prevent file sharing; access to code is included with the purchase of all custom sequences. Protected sequences cannot play via a Showtime Director; please contact us if you will be using one to run your shows to discuss alternative sequence format options.


Pricing for Create Your Own Harmony sequences is determined by how many groups of 16 channels are in your display. Please see our FAQ section for information about upgrading sequences to higher channel compatibilities in future years.

Channels in Display Configuration Options Price per Sequence
16 1, 2 $29.99
32 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 $34.99
48 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 $39.99
64 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 $44.99

How to Order

If you already know what configuration you want for each set of 16 channels and which songs you’d like to purchase, please submit a Create Your Own Harmony Sequence Order Form. An invoice will be sent to you after submission and your sequences will be configured and delivered within three business days of payment, or sooner if your order is placed during a non-peak time of the year. All C.Y.O.H. sequences are created using LOR S4 and can be used with either LOR S4 or S5.

If you still have questions about how the Create Your Own Harmony Sequences work or need your sequences delivered same day, please email us at

If you have a unique channel assignment arrangement for your display, we recommend you contact us or fill out the form at least 5 days prior to when you need your shows due to additional information that will need to be collected. Commercial for-profit venues are ineligible to purchase C.Y.O.H. sequences. Please visit our custom sequencing page to learn more about options for your shows.

Create Your Own Harmony FAQs

When you purchase a “canned” sequence or receive a pre-programmed sequence from another light show enthusiast, it is rare that the show will actually work with the setup of your display, unless you change your layout to match the exact channel configuration of the sequence. After you purchase one of those sequences, you usually have to spend hours changing the channel configuration to work with your own, or you have to take bits and pieces of the programming that work with your display, sometimes even needing to combine multiple versions of the sequence from different sources to end up with something that works for your layout.

Specific setups in canned sequences don’t always translate well to other configurations. For example, the programming for four colors on four mini trees would be very different from two arches with eight channels each. The C.Y.O.H. series adapts each song’s melody, harmony, and percussion rhythms to work properly with each of the offered configurations, since a non-edited “copy and paste” method would rarely look correct.

With a “Create Your Own Harmony” sequence, there are no extra hours of work after you purchase a sequence. By answering the configuration questions in our order form, we can configure the C.Y.O.H. sequence to match your display before you receive it. All shows are created with the quality of a custom sequence, so there is no need to comb through the show to find parts that match the music.

Our sequences are all programmed by a musician with a decade of experience using Light-O-Rama software. Check out our portfolio to see examples of the high quality you can expect from a Luminous Harmony sequence.

If you are just looking to start a display or want help configuring your established display to the C.Y.O.H. setup, please visit our design services page. All first year displays that use Luminous Harmony design services have guaranteed compatibility with the C.Y.O.H. series, and eliminate the need for you to complete a Configuration Template. If you choose to use our design services, all you have to think about every year is which songs you want in your show.

Due to the complexity of most main melodies, it works best programming wise to have multiple groups of non-overlapping fixtures (four groups of four), or a straight line of elements (one group of sixteen) in order to have maxiumum musical versatility. The other three configurations will also generally take up less space in your display, and we want the main melody to be a large and featured element of your show!

C.Y.O.H sequences are intended to be quick delivery sequences for venues that have the ability to fit within the standard “music friendly” configurations. If you’re looking for one of the songs on the list for a different channel layout, it’s unfortunately not a simple “copy and paste” project if you want the quality maintained. The music has been adapted to the needs of each configuration offered in the C.Y.O.H. series, meaning it would take additional time to change the programming to match your setup and add in effects that work best with your layout.

If you want one of the listed C.Y.O.H. sequences, but your display has more channels than available in the series, please contact with information about your channel configuration to learn about options for custom sequencing.

Our custom sequencing services allow you to have any song sequenced to the specific set up of your display.

New C.Y.O.H. songs will be released throughout the year for various holidays and events. Sign up for our mailing list or like our page on Facebook to receive information about new shows and promotions.

While purchasing a C.Y.O.H. sequence is a faster process than custom sequencing, we recommend making initial contact at least 3 Days before you need your shows if you have a standard configuration, or 5 Days if your channel assignments are unique. Orders placed off season may be delivered more quickly. If would also like Luminous Harmony to design your layout, we recommend making contact at least 6 weeks prior to your show premiere to ensure we still have space for the season.

You can expand your display and receive updated C.Y.O.H. sequences as long as your display upgrades within one of the available configurations, and fits within the channel counts available.

The price to upgrade per 16 channels is $9.99 - this covers receiving the additional 16 channels as well as a reconfiguration of channel assignments for the entire sequence.

The show completely changes as you grow in number of channels due to the assignment of the melody, percussion, and harmony music lines, meaning that if you order a configuration #1 for both your first and second sets of 16, the programming will be different. If you order a show with 16 channels one year, then upgrade the sequence to a 32 channel show in the next, the programming for the first set of 16 channels will completely change when the second set is added.

When you purchase a canned sequence, there is only one configuration option when you purchase a sequence for X number of channels. Because the C.Y.O.H. series allows you to build your own show, there are actually 312 possible configuration combinations for each sequence with up to 64 channel compatibility.

In order to avoid the confusion of determining which of the 312 “Add to Cart” options to click (or trying to fit 312 videos for each sequence on this webpage), we’ve opted for the simpler route of communicating via email or our order form so we have the chance to get to personally know our customers and their layouts.

To see examples of the quality of sequencing you’d receive by purchasing a Create Your Own Harmony sequence, check out videos on our portfolio page.

After you've provided the necessary information about your configuration via email or our order form, you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder that will contain all of the C.Y.O.H. sequences you purchase. Each sequence will contain the year in the file name so you can easily redownload or find past shows. If you would prefer to receive your sequences via email, let us know through the order form or by sending a message to

Due to the uniquely developed style of coding for these sequences, all sequences are delivered in protected format to prevent file sharing. All of our custom programmed sequences are provided with complete access to view and edit code. Sequences are for the sole use of the purchasing customer and are not to be redistributed or resold in any form without the express written permission of Luminous Harmony.

Contact US

Please email us with any questions by filling out our general form or reaching out directly via one of the email addresses below. Stay up to date on Luminous Harmony news and services by signing up for our mailing list or liking our page on Facebook.